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 The story so far

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Liam Goodryke
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PostSubject: The story so far   The story so far Icon_minitimeMon Jan 06, 2014 11:36 am

Casa di Falcorvo

Casa di Falcorvo is a realm very much like our own technology wise.  Rather than many landmasses and islands such as our Earth, there are two main landmasses, called Falcorvo and Vacaro, and several small islands.  

The realm is also rich in magic, though there is a great deal of prejudice against those attuned to this force and its many forms.  In early years many were able to access it, but over time their numbers lessened, and the normal humans, or mundanes, refer to those who remain sensitive as Leafers, a derogatory name taken from their natural affinity to preserving nature, and thus preventing potential harm the natural magic of the realm.

Some keen scientists who are also Leafers combined magic with technology to create a portal system that pierced the veil of reality, allowing two-way travel between this realm and other realms that could be connected to.

Though the realm and the world have no official name, it is called Casa by many, meaning Home.  Nearly all who find their way to the portals that lead to Casa choose to never leave, finding it preferable to their own dimensions.

Many species inhabit Casa, not just humans, including vampires and lycans, though also many more, both from Casa and other realms.


The more technologically advanced of the two societies, an amalgamation of Russia, America, Europe and Japan.  

New Lavandon

The capital of Falcorvo, and the primary setting of the game.  It was named after the original capital of Falcorvo which vanished without a trace, the reasons for which have only been speculated on, as there were no witnesses or survivors from the event.  There was no crater, or anything that would imply Lavandon had ever existed except in the memories of those that had visited and then gone elsewhere, or moved from there.


Vacaro is more geared towards magic than technology, a society that is like a merging of Kemetic, Wicca, Druidism, Shamanism and Buddhism.


The accepted capital of Vacaro, more thought of as the spiritual centre of society, the location of the strongest known magical nexus in all of Casa.

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The story so far
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