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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeMon Oct 07, 2013 12:29 am

There's not much to be outlined, just a couple of things.

1.) Have fun.
Probably the most important rule.

2.) If you must interact with each other OOC wise on this forum, be nice to each other.
This should be pretty straight forward. No insults, racial slurs, or anything like that if it is directed at the player of a character.

3.) Character Sheet completion is a must.
Before you start to write for your character, you must complete a character sheet and submit it to the Character Sheet forum: HERE

4.) Roleplays of an erotic or overly violent nature MUST go in the right place.
In a nutshell, anything that falls in this category needs to be in The Realm of Falcorvo.  Failure to comply will result in, but not limited to, moving of the thread by staff, or the thread being removed completely.  Repeat offences that are breaches of this rule will result in more harsh punishments at staff discretion.

5.) No drama.
Just what it says on the tin.  This is a place for fun, so any drama, or bullshit, or anything else you have with someone on this forum that deals with Out Of Character business, keep it offsite.  If we see anyone engaging in ANY OOC drama on the forum, all parties taking part will be dealt with, regardless of who started what.

6.) No overly powered characters without good reason.
This is not so much a rule, as it is a request.  To keep this fun for everyone, if you have good reason for your character to be overly powered by a stupid amount, or any amount, it must be put in to detail on your character sheet as to what they are capable of, and why.  Staff will read over it and if we feel there is not enough detail regarding it then we will inform you that more work is required.  We ask that you RP your character as being "nerfed" regarding the abilities in question until staff approval is given.

7.) Be mindful of copyright infringement.
This is more of a legal matter than anything else, and likely the most restrictive of all the rules.  Try to avoid basing your characters on characters written by others, such as movies, tv shows, animes, books, or anything else.  There are names, personalities, lifestyles, careers, and faces, to take in to account here.  Picking one or two of these and changing everything else is fine, as with Ben Mercer, he matches the character from Covert Affairs in name and similar career background only, but the specifics and everything else were change, including his face.  Simply changing the characters gender is not enough.

8.) Limit on the number of characters you can play.
There is none other than what you impose on yourself. We understand some can play a vast variety of characters at once with no problem, while others maybe only be able to have one or two at a time. Here we leave it up to the player to decide on their own personal limit. Rejoice motherfuckers!

Rules Vf8rnr
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